Campinglife at Hamre Familiecamping

Oh no – Tents, caravans and motorhomes is not antiquated, if that’s what you thought. With the standards we today find in a caravan with for example: washer, dryer and underfloor heating, this may be the holiday choice that beats most cabins and hotels. What would your children choose if you gave them the choice of staying in a tent, a cabin with bunkbeds, or a hotelroom? A lot of people forget to get their childrens advice when choosing living arrangements. As we all know, children choose their living arrangements from other criteria than adults. Mom and dad is looking for the place that can give the children, along with the parents, the best vacation. Adults then looks for playgrounds and activities for the children, but when it all adds up maybe the living arrangements matter more than the activities? What would your children choose if you gave them the choice of staying in a tent, a cabin with bunkbeds, or a hotelroom? We think that most children would choose tent. Aren’t you the worlds thoughest mom that gladly spends the night in the desert with your little ones? Maybe you can be the second thoughest then? It is possible to conjure the feeling of desert even when tiled bathrooms are four meters away and a pleasant nightguard is passing by every two hours. The sleepover is supposed to be an expierence – CAMPING IS FUN! Think about that the next time you choose your living arrangements.

Reservation at the camp site?

It is only possible to make a reservation for tents, caravans and motorhomes if the stay is for over a week in the summerseason. If you don’t plan to stay that many days it is wise to arrive as early as possible in the afternoon. During the evening the campsite will fill up, but we are doing our best to find a place for everyone. For our guests to make the most out of their vacationdays, we have chosen to let our guests stay until 15:00 on the departure day. This way, you as a guest can enjoy a full day at the beach before you have to pack the tent up and leave us for now.

The camping closest to Dyreparken

If you choose to stay in a tent or cabin at Hamre Familiecamping, you also choose a short way to Dyreparken. In most cases we don’t want to spend unnessecary time on transportation, especially if we’re spending the day doing something we’ve looked forward to. Almost everyone of our guests wants to visit the known and loved residents in Kardemommeby, the scary Kaptein Sabeltann, and all of the amazing animals in Dyreparken. If you stay with us you don’t waste valuable time in the car on your way to the park. If you use your own car you’re there in five minutes, and if you don’t there’s never a taxi far away. We can help you get one!


Through the summer there’s a lot of guests stopping by, and we appreciate that very much. For that you as a guests will have a pleasant stay with us, we try to make the days go by as agile as possible, with a lot of guests gathered in an actually pretty small area. In the summer our camping guests get designated places in a row. This way we get a good overview of our visitors. All cars will also be parked on directed parkingspots. The firedepartment appreciates this arrangement very much, so that they at any time can get to the area with their cars. In the summerseason Hamre Familiecamping is serviced around the clock. The reception is open from 08:00-23:00, then the night guard takes over. The guard walks around in the area, and will assist you with small or larger quiestions.

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