Fishing opportunities

Fishing opportunities Fishing is a dear holiday-hobby to a lot of people. There are great fishing opportunities at Hamresanden. The river ” Topdalselva” flows into the sea just below the […]

Dyreparken (The zoo)

Dyreparken Hamre Familiecamping is the closest campsite to Kristiansand zoo- and amusement park. If you use your own car it will take under ten minutes to get there. Bus or […]


Welcome to Kristiansand! Hamre Familiecamping is ca. 11 kilometers from Kristiansand, where you can find countless things to do. We strongly recommend you to take a trip to Kristiansand. You […]


Sørlandsparken Sørlandsparken with all their opportunities is only a few minutes away from Hamre Familiecamping. The park can offer a lot for those who wants to spend their vacation shopping. […]

Setesdal Mineralpark

Setesdal Mineralpark If you don’t mind a little road trip for an amazing adventure, we can strongly recommend you to go to Setesdal Mineralpark in Hornnes wich is ca. 1 […]

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