Dogs on camping

Dogs on camping

At Hamre Familiecamping¬†are also the ones on four legs welcome, but it’s also a precondition that the familys dog/cat thrive around our guests, and is not a nuisance to others.

The dog must at all times be in a leash inside the camping area, and the dogowner is responsible to clean up after their dog. Remember that all our guests may not appreciate animals as much as you do.

When the dog is inside our cabins we appreciate that they don’t jump up on the couch or the beds, and that the owner monitors closely that the dog doesn’t do any damage to the inventory. If necessary you can borrow a vacuumer to remove fur when you leave. Contact the reception.

Many of our guests wants to visit Dyreparken where pets have no access. Simple cages for your pets are placed by their parkinglot. You can find more information about that here.

We want to remind you that it can get very warm inside cabins, tents and caravans a sunny day here at Hamre Familiecamping, so it might be a good idea to have thought through how a day for the familys dog can be if it has to be alone for a long time.


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