The summer is barbecue-season, and for those who come to Hamresanden at the evening it is no doubt what their dinner favorites are. You can smell your way to it! Here we barbecue from our hearts desire!

It is unfortunately not to get away with that this type of cooking leads to increased fire danger. With many tents and caravans, open fire can quickly spread if you haven’t taken any precautions.
That’s why it’s not an opportunity to use disposable grills at the campingarea. Our experiences are that they often used on top of dry grass or other flammable materials, and causes fire/damage on the underlay.
We recommend that disposable grills are only used at the beach area, and after responsible extinction are thrown in the marked container at the beach.

We recommend our guest to use bucket grills or any similar grills, that empties in container marked GRILLKULL (charcoal) by the dumpster.

Larger groups can also borrow our keg grill. It must be arranged in advance.

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