Restaurants/Dining areas

Restaurants/Dining areas

Right outside the fence of Hamre Familiecamping you find different options of locations to eat.

Down the hill from us you find Lanternen, a restaurant who tempts with bouth in- and outside serving, and has a rich menu.

Across the street from Hamre you find a fast food restaurant called Bli Mett who serves fast food of all kinds; pizza, hamburgers, bbq, kebab and more. Here you can also enjoy your food outside on the terrace.

Just by Bli mett you find 7-Eleven with great cakes andtempting food for those one the go.

Sørlandsparken is only 5 minutes away with a car, and contains a lot of different restaurants with food of all kinds.

Otherwise we strongly recommend to pack a basket of food and enjoy it on the beach. That really gives a holiday-feeling!


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