The Beach

3 km of beach

We dare to say that the beach at Hamresanden is one of Norways nicest, with 3 km of beach surrounding the great area just beneath Hamre Familiecamping.
A small staircase takes you down to the beach, so if you forget something in the cabin it’s not a long way back to get it.

You can decide if you want to lay down in the sand, or put down a blanket on the grass. You can also find plenty of opportunities for shadow under large pine trees.

All of the beach area is great for families with children, because it’s relatively shallow around the whole beach. If you follow the beach trail you can walk along the whole beach and end up where the river ”Topdalselva” flows into the sea.
Therefore we can actually offer both saltwater and freshwater to swim in. Otherwise the trail is well facilitated for wheelchairs and strollers.

On the riverside of Hamresanden there’s also bathing opportunities for handicapped in need of a wheelchair.

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