Great biking opportunities

Great biking opportunities

Hamresanden is a great base for bicycle tours, so bring your bike with you on your vacation.

From here we have beautiful trails in two fidderent directions. One towards the ” village” Tveit, and one towards Kristiansand. We recommend both directions. The trail towards Kristiansand may be a little tricky at first,
so ask us at the reception and we will explain it to you.

If you take the direction towards Tveit you can stop by the airport, or maybe you’d rather want to enjoy the nature, the sheep in the fields, and rest by a small lake or river. If you take a right at the school (Ve skole)
you will find cozy bathing spots in a beautiful nature. Nice and quiet.

The trail towards Kristiansand leads you to areas with bigger activities. On Varoddbrua (the bridge) it can be nice to take a break and enjoy the view. It is smart to take your bike to Kristiansand, and very easy since you
don’t have to look for a parkingspot. After a long bicycle tour, ca. 11 kilometers, you deserve a large ice cream-cone at the towns most pleasent fishing pier.


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